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Gel Nails

Gel nails are great for an overlay or nail extensions. It is a flexible material that bends instead of breaks, so it is a comfortable wear on the nail. If you have really hard nails, or you hands are in water a lot, then gel is a good option for you. There are hard (have to be files off) and soft gels (can be soaked off). At NNY we mainly use hard gels, but soft gel is an option for overlays.


Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are great for extensions, but can also be used in overlays. Acrylics need a powder (polymer) and a liquid (monomer). When mixed they create a liquidy substance that dries quickly in place.They are harder and less flexible than gels, but they can be more durable if you are hard on your hands. Acrylic nails can be soaked off, so are a good choice if you don't get nails done regularly. 



Overlays are when gel or acrylic is applied to your natural nail. This is commonly known as a "shellac manicure". This means no form of extension is used to lengthen the nail. Overlays are slightly thicker than regular gel polish, as they provide support, and prevent the nails from cracking. If you want to grow your nails out, or want to give them a little more strength, then this is a great option for you!

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