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Lash & Brows 

Lashes & Brows help frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Our services help accentuate the natural features that you already have! Whether you want the length of your lashes to be shown off, or to have a low maintenance look, you will not be disappointed by getting these services.

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Lash Lift

There are so many growth serums out there that you have the length, but need that little flip to really make the length stand out. This is a low maintenance look that only needs to be done every 4-6 weeks. You can still use mascara when you need, or you can add on a tint so you don't need to put makeup on! Once the service is done there is nothing you need to do after except love your lashes!

Long Lashes

Brow Lamination

Our brow services help provide a fuller look, and can give a more dense appearance. Brow lamination perms your brow hairs into place. If you struggle with bald or thin areas, this is a good service to brush hairs into place and create a brow look & shape that you want to maintain. If you really want to make your brows pop add a tint to this service! 

Cosmetics Smears


Whether you are tinting your eyelashes, or your brows, this service will help draw attention to your eyes. Tinting allows for a low maintenance look, and can remove the need for makeup. It makes your brows have a thicker look, and accentuates the length of your lashes. Tinting provides a very natural look, and removes the need for makeup!

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